The company is mainly engaged in translation in the areas of pharmaceuticals, clinical medicines, medical devices and food and drugs, and other translation and interpretation services of various languages in the industries of legal contracts, construction, chemical industry, electrical products, telecommunications, textiles, literature, planning proposals, annual reports, accounting statements, business correspondences, research reports, finance and trade, mechanicals, infrastructure projects, international bidding, etc.

Biopharmaceutical, clinical analysis, pharmacology data, pathology data, medical equipment and national food and drug standards

Banking, insurance, human resources, finance, sales, market, official documents, feasibility report, and annual report, etc.

Contracts, regulations, statutes, notarizations, planning proposals, product quality management certification documents and various other types of certification documents.件等。

Driver’s licenses, degree certificates, identification cards, notarizations, birth certificates, certificates of property rights, etc.

Chemical, automotive, electronics, mechanical, physical, energy, environmental protection, aviation, network, home appliances, construction, metallurgy, military affairs, software, textiles, etc.

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