Richard Translation Co., Ltd. has been providing quality translation services for hundreds of customers over the past years. In terms of interpretation, the company can provide interpretation services in multiple languages, and with the support of an elite interpretation team, we provide a panorama of interpretation services including liaison interpreting, conference interpreting, telephone interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting, etc.

Interpreters should at least be well-versed in more than two languages and in possession of abundant professional translation experience.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting (SI) refers to the type of interpreting that, without interrupting the speaker, the interpreter interprets the content to the audience without break. The speaker speaks in a continuous manner, and the interpreter conducts interpretation while listening, making use of only the interval between two sentences to accomplish interpretation, thus, this type of interpreting is very demanding on the interpreter.

The best strength of SI is its high efficiency, as it enables the speaker to talk continuously and it will not interrupt or break his/her thought. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial to the audience’s understanding of the speech content. It gives prominence to technicality and specialty and is usually applied in multi-bilateral dialogue.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting (hereinafter as “CI”) refers to the type of interpreting that the interpreter sits in the meeting room and take notes while listening to the source language. When the speaker stops or pauses to wait for the interpreting, the interpreter will rephrase the complete content of the source language in clear and natural target language precisely and completely, as if the interpreter is speaking himself/herself. Consecutive interpreting for conference interpreting requires the interpreter to listen to 5-10 minutes speech continuously and interprets the content completely and precisely through the application of excellent speech skills.

Liaison Interpreting

Liaison interpreting refers to interpreting activities mainly composed of foreign language tour guiding, shopping interpreting, and travelling interpreting, etc. It differs greatly from business interpreting and it is not particularly difficult. Richard Translation Co., Ltd. provides liaison interpreting services and field interpreting services of various forms in multiple languages, for its customers.的工作。


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